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Breakthrough Audio-Based Sessions Proven to Enhance Your Natural Sleep Patterns

Data Analysis
Interprets data, including sleep stages, with exceptional precision while you’re sleeping.
Intelligent, Adaptive
Audio Content
Tailor audio suggestions based on your biometrics and cognitive state.
Smart Alarm
Know your sleep cycle and wake you up at the right time.

Precision with real-world data*

*Research conducted by Oxford University:  A Large-Scale Study of a Sleep Tracking and Improving Device with Closed-loop and Personalized Real-time Acoustic Stimulation (2022)

Breakthrough Tech in One Sleek Form

We care for your sleep by utilizing innovative technology to transmit sound through bone vibrations. This ensures a comfortable and non-intrusive audio experience, allowing you to listen to personalized sounds for 'Sleep-Dome' effects during your sleep without the need for traditional earphones.
As you rest,
Frenz AI takes
care of the rest!

Unlike Any Other Device
Available for Home Use

Know your sleep,

FRENZ™ continuously tracks your brain signals and multiple vital signs, providing an accurate visualization of your sleep stage, positions, SpO2 levels, and heart rate.
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Tech Specs

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Feeling On Top of the World
“As an older guy who likes to stay busy and active, sleep is so essential. I like that I can use insights based off my brain activity to keep me sharp and energized!”Steve M., Denver
A Lifesaver For Travel
“As someone who’s constantly on the move, it’s so important to get consistent, high quality sleep. Especially when traveling across time zones, I like that FRENZ gives me a natural solution for sleep that’s all me.”Michelle C., New York
My best sleep ever!
“Being a creative soul comes with its challenges—hello anxiety and insomnia! Luckily, FRENZ comes to the rescue, helping me monitor my sleep cycles. A well-rested me translates to peak decision-making and creativity throughout the day!”
Maria Tran, Age 38, Hollywood Actress, Martial Artist, Producer & Director
“The future is here.”
BBC News
“Impressive that it can detect detailed eye and jaw movements from the band.”

Frequently asked questions

Does using this device have any impact on my brain since it deals with brainwaves?

Our product uses completely safe EEG sensors, and we do not use any electrical stimulations. It is unobtrusive and only uses audio stimulations.

What IOS and Android versions does FRENZ™ Brainband support?

To use our product optimally, we recommend using a mobile device with the following required specifications: iPhone 12 (iOS version 12.1 and up) (model 2020 or later) or Android version 10. The minimum required device is iPhone 10 (iOS version 9.0 and up) and Android version 8. If your device does not meet these requirements, you may experience a suboptimal user experience, or the app may not start at all. If you are unsure about your device's compatibility, please contact our customer support before purchasing the device.

What headsize does FRENZ support?

Our headband is designed to fit typical average head size ranging from 50 to 65cm. We use completely safe Bluetooth and EEG sensors, so it can be used for people of all ages. However, we recommend using it with individuals who understand the importance of sleep, and who are at least 12 years old to enjoy the full efficacy of the product.

How can I contact your support channel?

You can contact our support team through various channels such as Facebook messenger, website chatbox, or by emailing us at Our customer delight team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about the product or payment.

Is there an opportunity to try the FRENZ™ Brainband before purchasing it?

We have a special offer for US-based order with 30-day refund policies. Unfortunately, due to the additional logistics and customs fee, we do not offer a trial program for other countries at this moment. We provide all the necessary information on our website for you to make an informed decision about your purchase. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support at

How long does it take for my FRENZ® to ship and arrive?

When you place the order, there will be an estimated shipping time. Normally, it takes 7-15 days to receive your orders depending on the destination. However, please note that our mass delivery started February 2023 and due to the high volumes of pre-orders, we expect to ship new orders starting 28th February 2024.