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FRENZ® Brainband

FRENZ® Brainband

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Our membership policy is designed to provide users with a personalized sleep experience. To get started, simply download the FRENZ app for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and create an account in the app. The app offers a range of standard sleep, focus, and relaxation features, with optional paid premium content and features set to be introduced soon.

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FRENZ™ Brainband


7-in-1 sensing




personalized real-time


sounds for “sleep-dome”



  • Sleep

  • Focus

  • Relaxation


FRENZ™ Brainband

FRENZ Brainband can stimulate your brain based on precise neurofeedback signals using scientifically proven techniques to enhance sleep.



your comprehensive sleep report

Sleep Coach

personalized feedbacks and suggestion for improvement

Deep Sleep

continuously-adjusted content coupled  with real-time data insights to for that quality goodnight sleep.

Power Nap

refresh with precisely timed nap to power your day

Fresh Morning

wake up fresh with gentle stimuli during lighter sleep cycle




FRENZ optimizes your focus by tracking your brain wave signals to learn your focus habits and using that data to stimulate your brain via bone-conduction speakers.


Focus Portrait*

your comprehensive focus report

Focus Coach*

personalized feedback and suggestions for improvement

FRENZ Focus*

quick coaching session to boost concentration, ideal for learning or problem solving

Brain Coffee*

continuous coaching reminders and adaptive noise masking to help maintain focus level

Creativity Unleashed*

a proprietary premium feature that gives your brain a power surge for a creative storm of ideas

* Standard and Premium features that will be introduced in the future




FRENZ delivers curated contents based on your brain states to soothe and relieve you from stress and anxiety.


Brain Spa*

enhance your meditation experience


insights and exercises for keeping your brain sharp and elastic

Brain Boost*

gamings and challenges to boost your cognitive functions


breathwork for your physical, mental and brain power

Safe and Sound*

health alert and recommendations

* Standard and Premium features that will be introduced in the future

Frenz Frenz


  FRENZ Brainband Smart watches and rings Other EEG Trackers
Monitoring EEG (brain signals) with high precision
Monitoring EOG (eye motions) with high precision
Monitoring EMG (facial micro muscle movements) with high precision
Automatic sleep stage detection with high precision
Fast sleep stimulation with proprietary algorithms
Deep sleep boosting with proprietary algorithms
Focus / Relax stimulation       (in future app updates)
Smart wake-up with proprietary algorithms
Personal insights & suggestions with proprietary algorithms

FRENZ™ Brainband

Deep Sleep. Deep Focus. Deep Relaxation