Earable Neuroscience Research Partnership Services

At Earable Neuroscience, we are committed to pioneering the science of sleep and brain health. Our advanced technology and innovative solutions provide researchers and healthcare professionals with the tools needed to conduct accurate and reliable studies. We offer a range of specialized services designed to support your research needs:

  1. Drowsiness Measurement Service Post-Medication With our high-precision sensors, we offer compact and portable equipment to measure the impact of medication on user drowsiness. This service allows pharmaceutical companies to conduct highly reliable drug testing, ensuring accurate results and providing deep insights into the effects of their products.
  2. Drowsiness Measurement Service for Non-Pharmacological Interventions The FRENZ band by Earable Neuroscience can measure the effects of sleep aids, meditation guides, breathing exercises, and other non-pharmacological interventions on the brain. Our technology assesses the level of drowsiness induced, providing essential data to improve and validate these interventions.
  3. Sleep Bruxism Measurement and Detection Service Healthcare organizations and researchers studying sleep bruxism can rely on Earable Neuroscience. Our FRENZ Brainband accurately measures and charts the intensity of teeth grinding during sleep in real-time. This service provides crucial data to understand and address sleep bruxism in research subjects.

If you are interested in our research partnership services, please contact us at contact@earable.ai to learn more about how we can support your research and contribute to your success.

Best regards,

The Earable Neuroscience Team