Clinically Proven,
Fall Asleep Faster
* Published studies on Nature Scientific Reports, 2023
Deep Sleep Boosting
with Pink Noise
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* Published studies on Nature Scientific Reports, 2023
Wake Up Refreshed
at Optimal Sleep Cycle
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* Published studies on Nature Scientific Reports, 2023
Know Your Sleep
with precise sleep score
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* Published studies on Nature Scientific Reports, 2023

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Global Awards and recognition

Fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and wake up refreshed with the revolutionary sleep wearable

Designed for all adult head sizes and sleep positions, FRENZ Brainband and FRENZ mobile app provide real-time sleep scoring, and bone conduction to deliver personalized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) audio sessions.

Supported by joint research:

Breakthrough Audio-Based Sessions Proven to Enhance Your Natural Sleep Patterns

Real-Time Data Analysis
Interprets data, including sleep stages, with exceptional precision while you’re sleeping.
Intelligent, Adaptive Audio Content
Tailor audio suggestions based on your biometrics and cognitive state.
Smart Alarm Feature
Know your sleep cycle and wake you up at the right time.
Intelligent Playlist

Your Brainwaves Choose the Audio

Hear a sample
Measuring brain biometrics every second, FRENZ gathers feedback on what helps you relax and then selects a personalized playlist, to help boost your sleep quality.
Comfy Bone-conduction speakers

Your Sleep State Controls the Volume and the Content you Hear

Comfortable built-in bone-conduction speakers create a sleep-dome music effect. FRENZ detects how close you are to falling asleep and gently fades out the audio gradually as you get to dreamland.
How it works?

Small but mighty cutting edge nanotechnology tracks your sleep in real-time with precision

Over 15 Patent and Patent-Pending breakthroughs combined into one small, sleek band.

Precise Pink Noise Stimulation

Boost Deep Sleep

FRENZ AI plays pink noise at the exact time of the brain's slow-wave oscillations, increasing the probability of extending your deep sleep duration.
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Audio adjusts to help you back to sleep

If you experience a midnight wake-up, you can press the button to go back to sleep effortlessly using your tailored content.
How to sleep better?