The award-winning wearable that has helped thousands of people sleep better...

After 8 years of deep tech R&D, the world’s most accurate brainband that can track and stimulate your brain activities is now available.

Fall asleep faster. Sleep deeper. Wake up fresher.

Simply wear the band and install the mobile app to harness the power of quality sleep, while tracking precise EEG brain signals and multiple bio-vitals (heart rate, breathing rhythm, SpO2,..)

Wear today’s latest breakthrough sleeptech.

Invented by leading scientists from University of Oxford and University of Colorado, FRENZ™ applies the latest neuroscience breakthroughs and algorithms within an easy-to-use device.

Unlock your brain’s true potentials.

Experience the enhanced cognitive functions when you sleep, work or meditate. Harness the power of audio stimulation that matches your real-time brain states.
Frenz Frenz

Effortlessly unlock your brain’s superpower



Quality sleep can help your brain achieve optimal performance by facilitating mental recovery and enhance cognitive process related to attention, thinking, and memory*. Wear FRENZ™ when sleeping, working or meditating to effortlessly enhance your brain potential.

Start the day with the best version of yourself

Wear FRENZ™ anywhere, anytime to track your transformation.

    The AI algorithm automatically wakes you up at the most optimal time based on your sleep cycle.


    Track your brain activities during intensive workout sessions for the best overview of your training stats.


    Track and stimulate your brain’s Alpha, Beta, and Gamma waves via the bone-conduction speakers.

Frenz Frenz


Mai Lan Van

One Mount Group - Founding team member, CMO - VinID and Vinshop

As a health-conscious person who understands the importance of sleep, I joined Earable®Neuroscience's sleep lab. After the nights of lab testing, I received a comprehensive and scientific sleep report, and now I understand my sleep quality. Thanks to the Earable® Team, I found a way to improve my sleep. Since then, my health has improved, my skin is brighter, and my days always start fresh.

Ha cao


I used FRENZ™’s pilot version for 2 weeks. Compared to other sleep tracking devices, FRENZ™ is a comprehensive device for sleep quality monitoring . After one week of usage, the device's insights helped me understand the factors and elements impact on my sleep health and offer me useful recommendations to improve my sleep quality. I definitely look forward to FRENZ™'s final commercial version.

Zean Vo

Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2020, Founder of Makeitvietnam

Like many other older people, my parents find it hard to fall asleep. So I was trying to find a way to help them have a better sleep and monitor their health from afar. FRENZ™ became a trusted device for us after just one week of use. This home device helps them sleep better. They both enjoy using it for sleep, listening to music, and relaxing the mind. I can even track and manage their health when living far from them.

Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Thao


I have a hard time falling asleep. I joined Earable® Neuroscience sleep lab to find a solution to my problem. FRENZ™ really helped me fall asleep faster and spend less time in bed. I can feel it takes me 20 minutes less than usual to sleep. I felt refreshed and full of energy the morning after. I will buy it for sure.

Nelson Dellis

Super Memory Athlete & Memory Coach

As a memory improvement expert and coach, having a tool like FRENZ to help enhance my cognitive training and to improve my sleep quality is a game-changer. If you want to level up your mental game, FRENZ gives you that edge

Buy now to be among the first to receive the band in early 2023.

$490 for a FRENZ™ Brainband plus life-time FRENZ™ mobile app access. The expected delivery date for our product is May 2023.

FRENZ™ on the go

FRENZ™ is designed to be the sleek Brainband that you will see on the fashion magazine’s next trend. Be it a brainstorm session, workout session or cosy sleep night, wear FRENZ™ confidently since it will make you and your brain glow.