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Breakthrough Audio-Based Sessions Proven to Enhance Your Natural Sleep Patterns

Data Analysis
Interprets data, including sleep stages, with exceptional precision while you’re sleeping.
Intelligent, Adaptive
Audio Content
Tailor audio suggestions based on your biometrics and cognitive state.
Smart Alarm
Know your sleep cycle and wake you up at the right time.

Precision with real-world data*

*Research conducted by Oxford University:  A Large-Scale Study of a Sleep Tracking and Improving Device with Closed-loop and Personalized Real-time Acoustic Stimulation (2022)

Breakthrough Tech in One Sleek Form

We prioritize your sleep quality by employing innovative technology that transmits sound through bone vibrations. This method ensures a comfortable and non-intrusive audio experience, enabling you to listen to personalized sounds for 'Sleep-Dome' effects during sleep without the use of traditional earphones.
As you rest,
Frenz AI takes
care of the rest!

Unlike Any Other Device
Available for Home Use

Know your sleep,

FRENZ continuously tracks your brain signals and multiple vital signs, providing an accurate visualization of your sleep stage, positions, SpO2 levels, and heart rate.
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Tech Specs

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Feeling On Top of the World
“As an older guy who likes to stay busy and active, sleep is so essential. I like that I can use insights based off my brain activity to keep me sharp and energized!”Steve M., Denver
A Lifesaver For Travel
“As someone who’s constantly on the move, it’s so important to get consistent, high quality sleep. Especially when traveling across time zones, I like that FRENZ gives me a natural solution for sleep that’s all me.”Michelle C., New York
My best sleep ever!
“Being a creative soul comes with its challenges—hello anxiety and insomnia! Luckily, FRENZ comes to the rescue, helping me monitor my sleep cycles. A well-rested me translates to peak decision-making and creativity throughout the day!”
“The future is here.”
BBC News
“Impressive that it can detect detailed eye and jaw movements from the band.”

Frequently asked questions

Does it really help me to sleep?

Yes, FRENZ Brainband has been designed using advanced technology and scientific research to improve sleep quality. 90% users have reported significant improvements in their sleep patterns after using FRENZ Brainband.

Is it comfortable to wear to sleep?

Absolutely. FRENZ Brainband is designed with comfort in mind, suitable for all adult head sizes and sleep positions. Its patented ultrasoft material and lightweight design ensures that you can wear it comfortably throughout the night.

Is it safe for health since it is electronics with my brainwaves?

FRENZ Brainband is rigorously tested and validated to ensure safety for both the brain and body. It utilizes Bluetooth technology, similar to regular headphones, and poses no harm to your health.

What if it does not work on me? What is the success rate?

While individual experiences may vary, FRENZ Brainband has shown positive results for 97% users who use FRENZ for more than 7 sessions within 10 days. For a limited time, we offer a satisfaction guarantee and 14-day-money-back guarantee (only applicable for US domestic order). We are committed to providing support to help you optimize your experience with our product.

How can it actually help me sleep better?

FRENZ Brainband provides real-time sleep scoring and personalized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) audio sessions based on your biometrics and cognitive state. These sessions are designed to relax your mind and improve your natural sleep patterns.