As you rest,
Frenz AI takes
care of the rest!

Let's go to sleep

Watch how it works
Step 1: Turn on our FRENZ APP and connect to your Brainband. Full instructions are available in the app
Put on your FRENZ Brainband comfortably before going to bed.

Step 2: Start your sleep routine

Start your sleep routine while FRENZ precisely tracks essential data in real-time, including EEG brain signals, EOG eye movements, EMG facial muscle movements, SpO2, heart rate, and more.

Step 5

FRENZ Smart Alarm will wake you up at the most optimal time of your sleep cycle. No more groggy and tired mornings.

Step 6

Review your sleep data to gain insights into your sleep trends over time and make adjustments to improve your sleep habits

Awards & Recognition

With 15 patents and patent-pendings, FRENZ is the result of 9 years R&D deep tech research and developement.