About us

Earable Neuroscience is a pioneering deep tech company at the forefront of applying cutting-edge neuroscience advancements to enhance everyday life. Our journey begins with a focus on sleep.

We invented the revolutionary FRENZ Brainband - the world's first AI-powered wearable capable of tracking and stimulating brain activities in real time. Utilizing innovative bone-conduction speakers and a science-backed audio library, FRENZ Brainband is designed to elevate the quality of your sleep experience.

Join us in our mission to redefine the future of sleep and wellness.

sleep wearable

Our journey began 9 years ago with countless hours of research and development. FRENZ Brainband by Earable is a revolutionary product developed through nine years of intensive research and development by scientists from the University of Colorado and the University of Oxford. With 18 patents and patent-pendings, our team has worked tirelessly to create a product that truly stands out in the field of sleep technology. The efficacy of FRENZ is grounded in clinical studies and real-world evidence.

We believe in the value that our product brings to enhancing sleep quality and helping individuals struggling with sleep issues.

FRENZ made a big splash at CES Innovation Awards 2023. People love how it improves their sleep quality day by day.

"This AI headband is designed to literally talk you into better sleep"

Our Core

Since day one, the company’s vision has been to make the everyday advantages of neuroscience accessible to everyone by enhancing cognitive functions.
Through real-time precise tracking and instant personalized stimulation, FRENZ holds the key to unleashing human potential, starting with the sleep experience. Beyond consumer wearables, our R&D labs team also works with leading research institutes and pharmaceutical firms globally for EEG-related and sleep-related studies.
Our team & Advisory board

Tam Vu

⦿ Co-founded 2 venture-backed startups in mobile and wearable healthcare
⦿ Alfred P. Sloan Fellow and Google Faculty Award winner
⦿ Former Professor of Computer Science at Oxford University (UK) & University of Colorado Boulder
⦿ Founder of the Mobile and Networked System Lab and raised $8.75M to grow the lab
⦿ Filed 30+ patents in healthcare, wearable, mobile systems, mobile communication, and security
Our team & Advisory board

Dr. Robin Deterding

⦿ Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer
⦿ 37 years of recognition in healthcare
⦿ Best Doctor's in America, Peers (2009)
Our team & Advisory board

Kimi Doan

Head of Growth
⦿ Former Global CMO of VinFast Electric Vehicles – setting up Global Marketing and Sales in 3 continents
⦿ Former Representative of Cannes Lions – the world’s most reputable awards for Marketing & Communications
⦿ Top 10 Most Influential Women in Technology 2020 by Analytics Insight

⦿ A biohacker and neuroscience enthusiast
⦿ 12 years exp in Global MKT & Business Dev
⦿ Advisory role for Vietnam, Singapore, Australia and Austria government in deep tech & innovation
Our team & Advisory board

Steve Muttram

Sales & Marketing Advisor
⦿ Founder of EXPAND CE, LLC
⦿ Former Executive Director of the eXpansys group, the world's largest online Consumer Electronics Superstore
Our team & Advisory board

Robert Michalik, JD, RAC

Regulatory Affairs & Compliance Advisor, Advisory Board
⦿ Former Principal Consultant at RegulatoryPro Consulting
⦿ Former Head of Regulatory Affairs & Compliance at MedTherapy Biotech
⦿ Experienced protein biochemist and Regulatory Affairs professional with over 20 years of experience in the biopharma and medical device industries
Our team & Advisory board

Scott Kothlow

Financial Advisor
⦿ CFO | SomaLogic
⦿ CFO, operational, and consulting roles in tech and life science companies
⦿ Led financial teams in private companies from formation to commercialization
⦿ Senior financial roles in public companies
⦿ Expert in complex licensing, partnerships, M&A, and international expansions
⦿ Experienced in high-value debt and venture financing rounds
Our team & Advisory board

Ann Halbower

Medical Advisor
⦿ Pediatrics Pulmonary
⦿ Children’s Hospital Colorado
⦿ University of Colorado Hospital
⦿ MD at University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Our team & Advisory board

Pattie Maes

Technology Advisor
⦿ Professor at MIT Media Lab
⦿ Program Head at MIT’s Program in Media Arts & Sciences
Our team & Advisory board

Sonny Vu

Advisory Board
⦿ Investor, advisor, and director in 47 early-stage "hard tech" companies
⦿ Focus on materials science, industrial biotech, sensors/semiconductors, HVAC, enterprise AI, and digital health
⦿ Co-founded Impact Biosystems (2019) - muscle fitness sensing devices (Series Seed)
⦿ Co-founded Elemental Machines (2014) - lab operations analytics hardware and software (Series B)
⦿ Co-founded Misfit (2011) - fashion-centric wearables and smart home devices (acquired by Fossil for $260m)
⦿ Served as President and CTO for Fossil Group after Misfit acquisition
⦿ Raised $257m in 22 funding rounds (Seed to Series C) for founded companies