Warranty Policy

1. Warranty period: 

Earable® is responsible for warranties  to product defects resulting from production issues or hardware issues within 1 year from the date of successful delivery to the customer. 

2. Warranty conditions: 

Products are eligible for warranty under the following conditions:

  • The product is still under warranty.
  • The product is purchased directly/ online from Earable® or from an authorized Earable®’s retailer.
  • Earable® has the right to request that the customer provide a purchase invoice and the serial number on the product label to establish the warranty conditions.

3. Scope of Warranty coverage:

The warranty does not cover consumable parts, materials, or natural wear and tear resulting from normal usage, including but not limited to drawstring cords, product carrying cases, etc. The warranty applies only to the limited hardware components of the FRENZ® Brainband smart band and does not include any software bundled with the product.

4. Warranty Methods 

  • Replacement: We will provide customers with a replacement product, and the shipping cost for the replacement product will be covered by Earable®. In some cases, we may request customers to return the faulty product to a designated address at their own expense in order to verify the validity of the warranty claim.
  • Maintenance and repair of faulty products. 

5. Warranty Period for Replacement Products

The replacement product or repaired product will have the same warranty period as the original product.

6. Exclusions from Warranty Coverage

The warranty coverage does not apply to the following:

  • Products that have exceeded the designated warranty period.
  • Products with altered, blurred, or unrecognizable serial numbers.
  • Customers who cannot provide a valid purchase invoice or purchase information when requested.
  • Customers who purchase or own the product unlawfully or from an unofficial sales channel.
  • Customers who do not follow the instructions provided by Earable® for the proper use of the product or use the product for purposes other than recommended by the manufacturer. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Exposing the product to water, submerging it, or exposing it to high/low humidity or temperatures.
  • Allowing animals to bite or damage the product.
  • Incorrect use of power source or encountering power surge issues.
  • Products that have been disassembled or repaired by unauthorized individuals or entities other than those designated by Earable®.
  • Use of FRENZ® Brainband with accessories, products, services, and software applications that have not been approved or provided by Earable®.
  • Incorrect use of FRENZ® Brainband contrary to the instructions provided by Earable®.
  • Other causes not related to material defects or installation errors.
  • Products damaged under force majeure conditions (war, natural disasters, floods, fires, accidents, epidemics, etc.)

7. Warranty Claim Process:

To request a warranty claim, please follow the instructions below:

  • Before shipping the FRENZ® Brainband to us, please contact Earable® Customer Care via email at frenzcare@earable.ai or fill out the warranty registration form. Please provide valid evidence of your initial transaction and describe the product's issue. We encourage customers to provide detailed information, including images and videos, to verify the issue and warranty coverage.
  • If we determine that the product is eligible for warranty coverage, Earable® Customer Care will provide you with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, shipping address, and further instructions. Please note that the RMA number must be included with the shipment.
  • Please return the faulty product to the provided address.
If we determine that the product is not covered under warranty, we may refuse the warranty claim and return the FRENZ® Brainband to you with the shipping cost borne by the customer. In the event that the customer still wishes to send the product for inspection despite it being determined as not covered under warranty, the customer will bear the full shipping cost for the round trip (return and resend).