1. Return Condition

 "Try-and-return" option is not available. We only accept exchanges under the following conditions:

  • Incorrect Goods: If the received goods do not match the type, model, or specifications as ordered during the purchase or displayed on the website at the time of ordering.
  • Insufficient Quantity or Incomplete Set: If the order is found to have a shortage in the quantity of items or if the set is incomplete as per the specified order.
  • External Damage: In case of visible external damage such as torn packaging, peeling, or breakage.

Customers are entitled to check the condition of the goods upon delivery/receipt.

Customers are required to provide relevant documentation as evidence of the deficiencies to facilitate the return/exchange process.

2. Exchange/Return Methods:

  • In the event of incorrect goods resulting from a wrong delivery or quantity, we will exchange them for the correct type of product originally ordered by the customer."
  • In case of product unavailability, customers can opt for an equivalent value exchange. If not, a refund will be provided via bank transfer or agreed-upon method within 7 working days from the request date."

3. Notification and Delivery scope

  • Notification Period: Customers are required to notify us within 48 hours from the receipt of the product in cases involving missing or breakage.
  • Product Return Shipping Period: The product must be shipped back within 14 days from the receipt of the item.
  • Exchange/Return Location: Customers are offered the flexibility to either bring the goods directly to our office/store or utilize postal service for the return process.