The Science behind FRENZ™Brainband

Deep sleep. Deep focus. Deep relaxation.

With FRENZ, we take science closer to our everyday life.

Precisely track brainwaves and bio-vital signals

FRENZ provides users with complete information regarding EEG signals with accuracy comparable to hospital-grade PSG-standard devices.(**)

The human brain is an electrochemical organ. The electrical activity of the brain is shown through brain waves. There are five waves, delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma, from least to most active.

  1. DELTA WAVES are the slowest brainwave. 
  2. THETA WAVES are linked to creativity, intuition, daydreaming, memory, and emotion storage.
  3. ALPHA WAVES - A person who just finished and started to relax is in the alpha state. 
  4. BETA WAVES Activating beta waves help improve mental states and improve health. 
  5. GAMMA waves help clear the mind and improve focus. (*)

*Learn more about brainwaves

Vital bio-signs are essential in assessing a person's physiological conditions and health monitoring. FRENZ enables the monitoring of PPG -  Measurement of heart rate and measure oxygen concentration inside the body (SpO2).

** Disclaimer:
Please note that FRENZ is not a medical device but a wellness device. The information provided by FRENZ regarding EEG signals is based on self-administered reports and is not intended to replace professional medical advice or diagnosis. The accuracy of FRENZ 's EEG signal measurements is comparable to hospital-grade PSG-standard devices, as stated in our self-administered report. However, it is important to understand that FRENZ is not a substitute for medical-grade diagnostic equipment or professional medical evaluation.

We encourage users to consult with their healthcare providers for any medical concerns or sleep-related issues. The information provided by FRENZ should not be used for diagnosing or treating any medical conditions.

For more detailed information and research supporting our claims, please refer to the published link here:

Real-time brain stimulation

Precision is the determinative factor for enabling advanced technologies to achieve high performance for FRENZ®.

Our technology takes advantage of real-time data processing and precise identification of bio-vital signals, then applies our proprietary AI/ML algorithms to stimulate better sleep, focus, and relaxation based on each individual's response.

For sleep, we have special algorithms that accelerate sleep onset and facilitate deep sleep based on real-time brainwave resonance stimulation. The precisely tracked phase-locked loop is the core strategy that helps us to deliver the acoustic stimuli adjusting to the physiological changes of the brain and body in real-time. 

For focus, our algorithms identify the ratio variability of beta waves versus alpha waves and other waves to track in real-time the focus score of the user. FRENZ® will then curate the audio content that enhances the users' focus level.

For relaxation, our algorithms identify the ratio variability of alpha waves versus other brainwaves to track the relaxation score of the user in real-time. FRENZ®  then curates the audio content to soothe and calm the users' minds.

Our focus and relaxation features are currently in Beta mode and will be offered in future app releases.

Disclaimer: All features of FRENZ® are intended to support wellness and are not intended to be features for a medical device. Please be aware that the information provided by FRENZ® regarding sleep, focus, and relaxation is based on self-administered reports and the application of proprietary AI/ML algorithms. These algorithms leverage real-time data processing and precise identification of bio-vital signals to stimulate improved sleep, focus, and relaxation responses tailored to each individual. It is crucial to consult with a healthcare professional or medical practitioner if you have any doubts or concerns. While FRENZ® strives for precision and high performance, individual experiences may vary. This device is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical conditions. Please note that the FRENZ® Brainband is not evaluated or regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Insights at your fingertips

All your sleep, focus, and relaxation sessions are summarized with easy-to-read charts and statistics. By applying this data, FRENZ® provides personalized coaching tailored specifically to you. Hence, the longer you use the device, the better the algorithms get, improving results.


Our sleep score is a weighted metric calculated by combining:

● Sleep efficiency

● Total sleep time

● Sleep onset latency

● Number of awakenings

● Deep sleep time

The SCI (Sleep Coaching & Insight) helps users achieve better sleep through coaching sessions that improve sleep hygiene and habit. All SCI suggestions are curated from clinically-proven papers and recommended by Dr. Robin R. Deterding - the Co-founder of Now Vitals.

Collaborate with us for sleep-related product testing

We offer research partnership packages to research agencies. Earable™ Neuroscience will assist in designing and implementing studies, providing a minimum of 10 devices for a fee of $2.000 USD per each. Leave your contact info if you are interested:

Our Patents

FRENZ also holds 15 global patents in core technologies (AI/ML algorithm, IE/IC system design and material science).

Awards & Recognition

FRENZ is powered by proprietary technologies that have multiple global awards for innovation and breakthroughs in neuroscience applications (Alfred F. Sloan Fellowship 2020, Google Faculty Research Awards 2014 and 2018, Best Papers by ACM conferences..) FRENZ also holds 15 global patents in core technologies (AI/ML algorithm, IE/IC system design and material science.