Order payment transactions are processed through the Shopify payment gateway. Accepted payment methods include:


International payment cards



  • To ensure payment security, customers should note the following instructions: Only make online payments through the window linked from https://frenzband.com/
  • Earable® takes full responsibility for the security of customer information used with Onepay payment gateway, as required by law. In any event of customer information leakage, Onepay will handle all responsibilities, including processing, compensation, and payment of related costs in case of litigation. Earable® is responsible for assisting customers through mediation but is not liable for cash or tangible compensation in any form.
  • In the event that a customer provides personal information to multiple entities simultaneously, and a situation arises where customer information is leaked without evidence of disclosure from  Earable®,  Earable® is not responsible for such incidents.
  • At the moment, cash payment and installment payment options are not available when purchasing products from the website https://frenzband.com/. Please continue to monitor the website for the latest updates and information.