A Look Back at the FRENZ™ Global Launch at CES 2023 - FRENZ™ by Earable® Neuroscience

A Look Back at the FRENZ™ Global Launch at CES 2023

January 10, 2023 | Tags: event

Earable® Neuroscience held its Global Launch of the revolutionary sleep tech disrupting device, the FRENZ™ Brainband, on January 6th at the 2023 Consumer Electrics Show, where it was also recognized among the prestigious CES Innovation Award Honorees. A few days before that, Earable® also shined at CES Unveiled and PEPCOM digital experience as the top 10 things to watch at CES, voted by BBC, Mashable and The National News, Daily Mail, among others.

 During this exciting Global Launch Event, distinguished media and people from around the world via live stream heard from leaders in sleep and neuroscience about the importance of sleep, unlocking human potential, and the breakthrough tech driving FRENZ™.

The power session also included insights, tips, and tricks to enhance cognitive abilities and functions and represented the first time the company comprehensively shared the origins of Earable® and the breakthrough innovations powering our breathtaking device – the FRENZ™ Brainband.

Led by Kimi Doan, the event’s Master of Ceremonies and the Chief Growth Officer for Earable, the 30-minute discussion also heard from the co-founders of Earable, Dr. Robin Deterding and Tam Vu, Nelson Dellis – a 5x USA memory champion and leading memory expert, Earable’s Head of Machine Learning, Galen Pogoncheff.

Dr. Robin Deterding, co-founder of Earable®

Dr. Robin Deterding, a co-founder of Earable® and a tenured Professor of Pediatrics, the Chief of Pediatric Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine at the University of Colorado, and the Medical Director of the Breathing Institute at the Children’s Hospital Colorado, gave the first presentation of the event. 

Dr. Deterding discussed the depth of the current sleep pandemic plaguing more than 40% of the world’s population and the explosive growth of the sleep tech industry. She explained that 50+ million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder, most commonly insomnia, which can involve trouble falling or staying asleep, waking early or throughout the night, or poor sleep quality. She explained that sleep health is critical for disease prevention, mental health, and optimal performance.

She explained that the explosive growth of sleep tech is fueled by people wanting to sleep well and live well and people wanting real results. The market size of the sleep economy is expected to rise from $432 billion in 2019 to $585 billion in 2024, and sleep tech devices are expected to gain 10.95% CAGR, with USD 30.1 billion in revenue growth by 2028. She explained that sleep tech “needs to move from just tracking to closing the loop with personalized interventions and solutions.” People need their own sleep assistant and coach to truly sleep well and live well.

Nelson Dellis, 5x USA memory champion and leading memory expert

Next was Mr. Nelson Dellis, a 5x USA Memory Champion, a Grandmaster of Memory, a memory coach, and one of the leading memory experts in the world. As a Memory Champion, Mountaineer, and Alzheimer's Disease Activist, he preaches a lifestyle that combines fitness, both mental and physical, with proper diet and social involvement. Nelson discussed his lifetime devotion to the process of biohacking training and unlocking the mind’s true potential. He also explained how the FRENZ™ Brainband changed his life and approach to unlocking his potential. 

According to Nelson, “Within a short period of time of studying and training the techniques, I discovered something incredible…. That we all have an amazing memory latent within us. With proper awareness of the techniques themselves, a good understanding of how we should approach memorizing information, and a bit of practice, ANYONE can have the recall of a memory champion.”

Nelson explains that getting into the world of memory is like any other competitive endeavor in many ways, including the need for dedication and practice, but the critical component is feedback.

When Nelson found FRENZ™, it changed his life. “It changed everything for me. From how I approach training and improving my memory to how I focus. On top of that, it helped me access different brain states that would optimize different tasks that my brain was doing. And it also helped me improve my sleep, allowing me to track it in a very unobtrusive way.”

To improve memory, Nelson explains that diet, exercise, and stress are important factors, but sleep is the most critical factor. With FRENZ™ Brainband, users don’t need to train like Nelson to bio-hack their memory; they can wear the device nightly and see significant improvements.

Tam Vu, the CEO, and co-founder of Earable® 

Next, Tam Vu, the CEO and co-founder of Earable® Neuroscience, shared his personal story, the inspiration that led him to create FRENZ®, and a detailed presentation showcasing the innovations powering the device. Before Earable, Tam was a professor at the University of Colorado Boulder and the University of Oxford, where his research led to 35 patents. During his time with CU Boulder, Tam founded and directed the Mobile and Networked Systems Lab. Along with Earable, Tam raised more than 10 million in funding and won multiple awards. 

After a lifetime of struggling with sleep problems, Tam realized he wanted to help people reach their full potential and improve sleep quality for everyone. “Improving sleep became my calling for the first step of unlocking the human brain’s potential. I wanted to improve the world by improving sleep quality and mental performance. But not just for a few people; I wanted to make it accessible to everyone.”

Tam then discussed the innovations driving the FRENZ™ Brainband and Earable’s philosophy in creating the device. “At Earable, we have a different philosophy about sleep tech than others on the market – we believe it should improve sleep and mental health, not just track it. As the only device capable of precisely monitoring and stimulating the brain in real-time with personalized content, we’re not just improving sleep tech wearables; we’re disrupting the entire industry.”

In explaining FRENZ’ defining innovations, Tam explained that, unlike others on the market, FRENZ doesn’t just track – the device uses precise data insights to stimulate brain activity in real-time. It’s the only consumer device that captures brain signals (EEG), multiple bio-vitals (SpO2, head motion, breathing rhythm), facial micromovements, and eye motions in real time with unrivaled precision. By analyzing these signals, FRENZ activates clinically-proven personalized cognitive behavioral therapies via bone-conduction speakers to induce faster sleep onset, deeper sleep, quicker returns to sleep, and refreshing mornings.

Next, Tam discussed its proprietary features that help to induce the best sleep possible, including

  • “Fast Asleep” helps users sleep faster.
  • “Deep Sleep stimulation” produces longer and deeper regenerative sleep through brain resonance phenomenon using the exact timing of audio stimulation to match your brain’s state. Back to Sleep allows users to return to sleep after night wakeups.
  • “Fresh Morning” wakes users during their lightest point during a sleep cycle within a set time frame to constantly wake up refreshed and ready for the day.

Tam then introduced the tech powering the device and the reason FRENZ is one of the CES Innovation 2023 Honorees and has 15 patents and patents pending for our key innovations. He began with FRENZTouch, our over-ear dry-sensing electrodes that are strategically placed at optimal locations to track and reference strong signal sources amidst noises and movements. They’re made of a proprietary perfect-ratio mixture of nanomaterials and conductive silicon to provide excellent conduction while maintaining comfort in any sleeping position. He then discussed our:

  • Patented advanced nanomaterials that make FRENZ durable and comfortable for daily and nightly use.
  • Proprietary AI/ML algorithms enable personalized and effective stimulation and provide meaningful insights like sleep and focus portraits.
  • The Patented IE/IC System removes motion artifacts on the signal. This prevents the problem scenario in machine learning of “Garbage in - Garbage out.”

Galen Pogoncheff, Earable’s Head of Machine Learning

Galen Pogoncheff, Earable’s Head of Machine Learning, then shared a presentation about the user-centric philosophy of “Designed for Life” and how the build quality, app, and AI/ML enable the device to integrate into the wearer’s life flawlessly. 

Galen explained that Earable’s “Designed for Life” means that “the FRENZ Brainband is designed for daily use to work with your lifestyle. Scientific breakthroughs and meticulously crafted components power this unobtrusive device seamlessly through everyday life.” She continued, “The Brainband is a sleek, modern, and smart-looking headband. Made from materials that were extensively tested for conductivity, comfort, and durability, FRENZ is ergonomically designed and engineered to be worn when sleeping, napping, and focusing.”

 In line with the “Designed for Life” philosophy, the FRENZ app “lets users avoid unnecessary screen time by seamlessly interacting with the app using only voice recognition. For example, say ‘let's sleep,’ and the app uses integrated AI/ML and cognitive behavioral therapies to create the best-personalized experience throughout the night.”

Lastly, Galen explained how the “Designed for Life” philosophy doesn’t just mean comfort; the FRENZ approach and experience are designed to fully integrate with the user's lifestyle. “User-oriented machine learning algorithms enable personalized data analysis and coaching.  As you journey towards better sleep, clinically accurate algorithms draw meaningful insights about your sleep health which your sleep coach will use to provide you with helpful tips, cutting-edge sleep therapies, and neural stimulation.

Kimi Doan, Earable’s Chief Growth Officer

In closing the event, the event’s Master of Ceremonies and Earable’s Chief Growth Officer, Kimi Doan, discussed her background and inspiration for joining FRENZ™, its vision, and some exciting announcements about the device.

As an avid biohacker with a background in computer science, Kimi “firmly believes that the potential of our practical applications of neuroscience can and will impact billions of lives.” She continued, “When I had a chance to try on the band – I was shocked. I couldn’t believe I was actually seeing my brainwaves and biovitals in real-time. Once that started to sink in, I began seeing the bigger picture and realizing that these weren’t just lines on a graph representing my mind space – I saw the vision of a new movement. A new step for humanity. One where the brainband is the first step towards unlocking neurological health and support for everyone.”

Next, Kimi discussed a special CES Global Launch promotion. Customers who pre-order a FRENZ™ Brainband and pay in full by March 8th, 2023, receive a promotional pre-order price of $350 (excluding sales tax and shipping cost), a savings of 30% off the regular total price of $490, and the option to choose the limited-edition mint color, a fashionable leather travel case, priority delivery as early as April 2023. Additionally, from January 3rd until January 15th, 2023, to celebrate the CES Launch, Earable® Neuroscience is offering an exclusive $250 pre-order promotional price (excluding sales tax and shipping costs) for its FRENZ™ Brainbands when using the code CESFRENZ at checkout at www.frenzband.com 

Kimi closed the event by announcing Earable’s 88Pioneers Project. The campaign lets 88 key opinion leaders (KOLs) from various industries become the first people to experience FRENZ. This KOL community of early supporters shares a common vision/interest in our world-changing device. They will receive the product before our public delivery in April 2023 to share their experiences, device tips, and reviews with their communities.

Earable® Neuroscience U.S. is a deep tech company building a neuroscience ecosystem to improve the everyday experience. Earable® invented the FRENZ™ Brainband - the world's most accurate consumer wearable that can track and stimulate brain activity for better sleep, focus, and relaxation.

Pre-order now available at www.frenzband.com 

Media Contact: media@earable.ai