A “Designed for Life” Philosophy

A “Designed for Life” Philosophy

February 23, 2023 | Tags: science

Making a great product takes a lot of work. A great product is useful - it has a solid and clear value proposition for end users, meaning the product solves a common problem better than others, or it attempts to identify new needs and offers itself as the best possible solution. Other factors include the product’s ease of use, quality, enjoyability, and price point. 

Duolingo wouldn’t be the world’s leading language app if it was boring and only offered a handful of developers’ favorite fictional languages.

But that’s not enough. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of terrific language-learning apps. So what makes Duolingo a fantastic product? It makes learning a daily lesson effortless and fun and seamlessly enters the user’s daily routine. In other words, it’s practical for daily life.

The FRENZ Brainband was built for daily life.

Designed for daily life

After eight years of research and development, numerous awards, and multiple patents, the sleep tech under the hood of the FRENZ Brainband is truly an achievement in innovation. In fact, The FRENZ Brainband is the only consumer wearable that precisely captures multiple bio-vitals, facial movements, and eye motions in real time and administers personalized cognitive behavioral therapies. But this is just half of the story.

The rest of the story is about the device’s design and comfort.

With the philosophy of "Designed for Life" – the FRENZ Brainband is designed for daily use and lifestyle. Scientific breakthroughs and perfectly crafted components power this unobtrusive device seamlessly through everyday life.

The FRENZ Brainband is the only consumer wearable that precisely captures multiple bio-vitals, facial movements, and eye motions in real-time and administers personalized cognitive behavioral therapies to induce faster sleep onset, deeper sleep, quicker returns to sleep, and refreshing mornings.

The Brainband is a sleek, modern, and smart-looking headband. Made from materials that were extensively tested for conductivity, comfort, and durability, Frenz is ergonomically designed and engineered to be worn when sleeping, napping, and focusing.

The device masterfully combines material science and industrial design to ensure flexibility and a perfect fit while preventing heat from contact points and sustaining highly-conductive materials. In addition, electrodes are made from allergic-proof materials, and the device's ingenious mechanical component configuration provides omnidirectional flexibility to accommodate all sleeping positions. But simply accommodating sleeping positions isn’t enough to make it practical daily and nightly use – it also needs to be comfortable.

To ensure the utmost comfort while preserving signal efficacy, the device's over-ear dry-sensing electrodes (FrenzTouch) are strategically placed at optimal locations to track and reference strong signal sources amidst noise. FrenzTouch – made of a proprietary perfect-ratio mixture of nanomaterials, including carbon nanotubes, silver nanowires, and conductive silicon, under special curing process – have flawless conduction while maintaining comfort in any sleeping position.

Everyone knows that earbuds are annoying, so the FRENZ Brainband integrates behind-the-ear bone-conduction speakers. Bone conduction lets the device bypass the inner ear's sensitivity, letting it withstand head pressure and avoid sound distortion as it activates clinically-proven personalized cognitive behavioral therapies speakers to induce faster sleep onset, deeper sleep, quicker returns to sleep, and refreshing mornings.

Like the device, the FRENZ app is intuitively designed for life. By cutting out smartphone distractions, the device lets users avoid screen time by seamlessly interacting with the app using only voice recognition. For example, say "let's sleep," and the app uses integrated AI/ML and cognitive behavioral therapies to create the best-personalized experience throughout the night.

After a good night’s sleep, the user can find the dashboard with sleep and focus indexes, where comprehensive data is distilled and visualized onto easy-to-read metrics to coach sleep improvements.

About Earable® Neuroscience

Earable® Neuroscience US is a deep tech company delivering scalable, human-centric solutions that improve the everyday experience — from deep sleep to all-day focus.

Earable® invented FRENZ™ — the world’s first consumer brainband that can measure and stimulate brain activity with clinical precision, so you can sleep more deeply, find sharper focus, and unlock your brain’s true potential. It is the recipient of multiple scientific awards and holds 15 patents globally.

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