As you rest,
care of the rest!

Let's go to sleep

Release any lingering thoughts or stress, and embrace the idea of restorative sleep. Turn on our App and simply say "Hey FRENZ! Let's go to sleep!" Your sleep routine starts when you wear our Brainband.

7-in-1 sensing technology

With our 7-in-1 sensing technology will precisely monitor and interpret crucial brain signals (EEG), eye motion (EOG), and facial micro-muscle movements (EMG). With seamless integration of multiple biofeedbacks including SpO2, heart rate, breathing rhythm, and head motion, in order to provide invaluable data for optimizing your sleep patterns and overall well-being.

Personalized Content Delivery

No more toss and turn when FRENZ Brainband's integrated bone-conduction speakers spring into action. Your FRENZ delivers real-time, personalized content, and volume based on your cognitive state and bio-vital data, creating a unique and tailored experience just for you.

Audio-Based Stimulation

We care for your sleep by utilizing innovative technology to transmit sound through bone vibrations directly to your inner ear. This ensures a comfortable and non-intrusive audio experience, allowing you to listen to personalized sounds for "Sleep-Dome" effects, during your sleep without the need for traditional earphones or disturbing your partner.


Your trusting FRENZ is powered by proprietary technologies that have multiple global awards for innovation and breakthroughs in neuroscience applications.