Sleep Science Innovation Day - CES 2024!

  • 10 Jan 2024 (Tentative)

  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (+07)



  • Robin Deterding

    Sleep and Wellbeing: Understand the crucial role sleep plays in our overall well-being. Explore the need for accurate sleep tracking and real-time stimulation for optimal results.
  • Tam Vu

    The AI Revolution in Digital Healthcare: Learn from the experts about the challenges of manufacturing sleep wearables and why FRENZ is the pioneer. Explore the revolutionary role of AI in reshaping the landscape of digital healthcare.
  • Sleep Doctor

    Trends in Sleep Tech: Stay updated on the latest trends in sleep technology, sensors, and simulation tools. Gain insights from a sleep doctor on advancements that are shaping the future of sleep science.
  • Biohacker

    Sleep Rejuvenation: Explore the latest trends in sleep rejuvenation and the critical role of deep sleep. Learn practical strategies to enhance and boost deep sleep for overall well-being.
  • Kimi Doan

    Sleep for Antiaging: Discover the role of sleep in antiaging and why FRENZ is the perfect solution for aging tech. Celebrate the CES Innovation Awards winner in the antiaging tech category.
Topics Covered
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In-Depth Insights
Gain a deeper understanding of the critical role sleep plays in mental health and overall well-being.
Latest trend in AI for Digital Healthcare
Explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and digital therapeutics with Tam Vu, CEO, and Founder of Earable Neuroscience.
FRENZ Brainband Unveiling
Be among the first to discover the latest features and potentials of the FRENZ Brainband, the world's most accurate consumer wearable for tracking and stimulating brain activity.
FRENZ Brainband by Earable is the world's first AI sleep tech wearable capable of tracking and stimulating brain activities through bone-conduction speakers to promote better sleep quality.


  1. The World's First AI-Powered Sleep Tech Wearable: capable of real-time tracking and stimulation of brain activities.
  2. Designed For All-night Comfort: ultrasoft material, side-sleeper-friendly, and 10-hour battery life.  
  3. Clinically Proven, Non-Invasive for Faster Sleep Onset: with an average reduction of 24.1 minutes in sleep onset.  
  4. The Most Accurate Consumer Sleep Tracker boosts 88% precision in sleep scoring compared to the gold-standard PSG.  
  5. Exclusive Science-backed Audios: white noises, binaural beats, cognitive-behavioral-therapy voice coaching, and nature sounds. 


  1. Fall Asleep Faster: Clinically proven to help with faster sleep onset 
  2. Get Back To Sleep Faster: Exclusive content to ease midnight wakeups. 
  3. Enhanced Deep Sleep: Boosted deep sleep with precise pink noise delivery during the brain's slow-wave oscillation phase. 
  4. Wake Up Refreshed: Smart alarm to gently wake users at the optimal point in their sleep cycle. 
  5. Comprehensive Sleep Insights: Accurate visualization of users' sleep quality, sleep stages, and positions for the whole sleep session. 

Earable® Neuroscience US is a deep tech company delivering scalable, human-centric solutions that improve the everyday experience. Earable® invented the FRENZ™ Brainband - the world's most accurate consumer wearable that can track and stimulate brain activity for better sleep, focus, and relaxation.

Join us in shaping the future of sleep science and technology!

Wed 10 Jan, 2024
10:00 - 11:00 AM
  •  Https://ces.vporoom.com/earable
  • media@earable.ai
  • www.frenzband.com
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