Revolutionizing Sleep Tech: Earable FRENZ Brainband Celebrating Another CES Innovation Award Win in 2024

Revolutionizing Sleep Tech: Earable FRENZ Brainband Celebrating Another CES Innovation Award Win in 2024

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Revolutionizing Sleep Tech: Earable FRENZ Brainband Celebrating Another CES Innovation Award Win in 2024

Las Vegas, Jan 08, 2024/./ Days before the FRENZ press event at CES 2024, Earable Neuroscience is unveiling the groundbreaking technology behind the Brainband that’s transforming the sleep tech industry.

Earable’s FRENZ Brainband has been recognized as one of the most innovative products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for two years in a row. In 2023, it won the Best of Innovation Award in the Wearable Technologies category. In 2024, it won the Innovation Award in the Accessibility & Aging Tech category. These awards showcase the excellence and innovation of Earable FRENZ Brainband in the field of consumer electronics.

FRENZ Brainband is the first of its kind to use AI to monitor and enhance your brain functions with customized audio content. It’s based on nine years of deep tech research and 15 global patents and patent-pending. It has also received many other prestigious awards from around the world. 



FRENZ Brainband uses neurofeedback to interact with the brain in a precise way. It applies sound methods that are scientifically validated to improve sleep quality:

  • Precisely track several vital data points (EEG - brain signal – filtered into brain frequencies of Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, EOG - eye movement, EMG - micro facial movements, SpO2, heart rate..) in real-time.
  • Provide instant personalized feedback with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) content for users to adjust and improve their cognitive functions via the device’s integrated bone-conduction speakers.
  • Leverage deep machine learning to provide meaningful sleep insights and suggestions for improvements.

At CES 2024, Earable Neuroscience, the company behind FRENZ Brainband, will showcase FRENZ Brainband in the Venetian Expo, Hall G, 60442, Eureka Park, Las Vegas from January 9th through 12th.

Earable Neuroscience is a deep tech company delivering scalable, human-centric solutions that improve the everyday experience – from deep sleep to all-day focus. Earable invented FRENZ - the world’s first consumer brainband that can measure and stimulate brain activity with clinical precision.

During the press conference, Earable plans to provide a comprehensive breakdown and analysis of the innovative technology that drives the FRENZ Brainband. The event will also discuss why this device is set to revolutionize the sleep tech industry.

“Our vision is to make daily advantages of neuroscience accessible to everyone, everywhere through improved sleep quality, enhanced cognitive functions, and unlocked brain power. The FRENZ Brainband is the next wearable sensation that can disrupt the sleep tech industry and help billions of people.” shared by Tam Vu, the Founder and CEO of Earable Neuroscience.

Earable Inc. has collaborated with the University of Oxford and the University of Colorado to conduct research on the efficacy of the FRENZ Brainband as a wearable sleep aid device. The study has shown that the device can significantly help users fall asleep faster, with an average reduction of 24.1 minutes in sleep onset for 377 individuals who experienced difficulties falling asleep. The study also shows an 88% sleep scoring precision compared to the gold-standard PSG.

Earable Neuroscience has revealed that it will target globally in 2024 to serve those target audiences which are The Wellness Seeker, The Elderly, The Caregiving Seeker, The Tech Seeker and The Sleep Deprived.

The device has since been launched globally and is now available for purchase on the official FRENZ website, Amazon, and selected global flagship stores.

Customers can purchase a FRENZ Brainband via the website


Earable Neuroscience U.S. is a deep tech company building a neuroscience ecosystem to improve the everyday experience. Earable invented the FRENZ Brainband - the world's most accurate consumer wearable that can track and stimulate brain activity for better sleep, focus, and relaxation.

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