This Weird AI Wearable Cured My Insomnia in a Month – Here's How!

Initially, I scoffed. An AI-powered crown-shaped device that claims to solve sleep problems? Seemed far-fetched. But driven by desperation and a love for tech, I gave it a try. After a month, consider my skepticism shattered. Here's what makes the FRENZ Brainband stand out and why it might be the solution you've been searching for.

FRENZ Brainband won multiple awards at CES 2023 and 2024

Tech Specs & Analysis

The FRENZ Brainband goes beyond your average sleep wearable. It's armed with an impressive suite of sensors that monitor brainwaves, heart rate variability, breathing patterns, and even your quirky sleep positions.  The real magic lies in the AI. It leverages this real-time data to create a hyper-personalized sleep optimization program just for you.  Audio cues and soothing voice coaching adapt in real-time based on your biometrics – a true innovation in sleep wearables.

Sensor Array

FRENZ Brainband harnesses an advanced suite of sensors to unlock the secrets of your physiological data:

  • EEG (Electroencephalography): It's a core component in the FRENZ Brainband. The EEG is used to track brain waves and analyze sleep stages.

  • ECG (Electrocardiography): FRENZ monitors heart health, including heart rate variability through its ECG capabilities.

  • PPG (Photoplethysmography): Helps measure heart rate and blood oxygenation levels.

  • Accelerometer & Gyroscope: These sensors measure movement to understand sleep positions and enhance the sleep analysis process.

    AI-Powered Insights: The collected data is processed by sophisticated AI to give personalized sleep improvement guidance via audio sessions.

Smart app development for sleep data and insights: Driving continuous improvement through accurate analysis.

Competitive Analysis

FRENZ Brainband offers the most comprehensive sleep tracking experience with features like real-time audio adjustment based on EEG tracking, voice guidance, and meditation frequencies.


FRENZ Brainband

Oura Ring


Real-time Sleep Quality Tracking

Extreme Accuracy

Moderate Accuracy

Moderate Accuracy

7-in-1 Lab-Grade Sensor Array

Smart Alarm

Sleep audio therapy

Deep Sleep Boosting Therapy

The Experience

Surprisingly comfy and flexible! It feels like soft, bendy silicone. But let's talk about the star of the show - the sound. Imagine precision-tuned meditation frequencies and a soothing voice guiding you toward relaxation. Plus, it knows when you're out and shuts down for zero sleep interruptions.

It feels like soft, bendy silicone (but it’s not silicone; it’s TPU medical-grade material!)

The Surprise: It WORKS

I fell asleep 10-20 minutes faster on average and woke up feeling refreshed 90% of the time. We're talking about a drastic shift from my usual mental gymnastics routine. The relaxing tones and subtle guidance shut my brain off. And this wasn't a fluke, it happened consistently! Unlike standard wearables that only track movement, the FRENZ's sensors provide insights into your sleep stages, allowing it to optimize the audio for maximum effect.(*)

The FRENZ' sensors provide insights into your sleep stages, allowing it to optimize the audio for maximum effect.

The morning after? Magical

Forget those groggy mornings. The FRENZ Brainband has this "Smart Alarm" feature that syncs with your sleep cycle, waking you up feeling shockingly refreshed.

Worth the Investment?

The FRENZ Brainband isn’t cheap ($490), but you'll get  10% discount for a limited time. Let's be real, good sleep is invaluable. If you're desperate for a solution, I say go for it. For me, it's been a game-changer.


*The discount code will be applied automatically at checkout. If not applied, enter "GETSLEEP" at checkout.

Important Reminders

Power up! Those sensors need juice, so charge them every night for the full experience. Give it a chance. Like any new routine, your body needs time to adapt.

The Bottom Line

If you struggle with sleep due to racing thoughts like I did, the FRENZ Brainband could be the answer. Its unique combination of sensors, personalized AI programming, and smart features make it a true pioneer in the fight against insomnia. While it may not replace other sleep wearables, the FRENZ Brainband carves out its niche by focusing on deep relaxation and AI-driven optimization.

*Footnote:  FRENZ Brainband’s accuracy and efficacy were published in the prestigious Nature Scientific Reports: Multiple other pieces of research also suggest that EEG-based sleep wearables can be more accurate in determining sleep stages compared to movement-based wearables alone. "The Validation of an At-Home Sleep Device That Measures EEG, EOG, and EMG" This study in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine directly examines the accuracy of EEG-based sleep wearables compared to polysomnography (the gold standard for sleep assessment): "Wearables for Sleep Tracking: Validation, Clinical Relevance, and Future Applications" This review article  in the journal Healthcare discusses the potential of wearable devices and includes insights on the benefits of EEG-based trackers:

Your Best Non-Invasive Sleep Solution

  • Fall asleep 24 minutes faster

  • Track your sleep more accurately

  • Personalized sleep audio therapy

  • Wake up refreshed


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